Friday, October 29, 2010

Our 4th Annual Halloween Bento Special!!

Ghost tongue out bento- so cute!!

Ghost Sushi Rolls, halloween pasta, love the ham cheeks!! Via

A jack o lantern Pikachu! Pokemon always a favorite!

The Big Boo from Super Mario Brothers makes a great, scary (yet he is so cute...) Halloween Bento!!

Two little witches made out of hot dogs!

Mini Pumpkin and kawaii bats!!

Japan's favorite witch- Kiki, from Miyazaki's beloved Studo Ghibli movie- Kiki's Delivery Service!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

JapanesePod101 Halloween Discount! Master Japanese!

Save $31 on a Premium Subscription- use code TREAT at checkout!!  and learn Japanese today :)

Eco Balls For the Environment!

Go green with some style with these sparkly balls that fit in any purse!  The ball fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.

Available in silver & gold, looking great for the holidays!  The reusable tote bag will fit up to FOUR 2 liter bottles, these balls can hold a lot!

Eco Balls Silver & Gold
US $15.95

Introducing Japanese Band Volume 3- Tokyo Jihen

Members are Toshiki Hata (Drums), Ukigumo (Guitar), Seiji Kameda(Bass), Ringo Shiina(Vocal), and Ichiyou Ito (Keyboard). (Left to right.)
United in 2004. The members of 2003 Shiina Ringo solo tour have become the band "Tokyo Jihen", and started their career.
It is hard to pinpoint one sound or genre from the band- they play a variety- grunge, pop music, jazz, dance music, and so on. One of the reasons there is such a variety is the songs are made by each member and I think those varieties of music are made one by being sung by Shiina Ringo's very impressive vocal.
My favorite songs after the jump!

"Killer Tune" 3rd album "Goraku". It is kind of a jazz style, and it can make me want to dance.

"3 Active Minutes" from 4th album "Sports". This is a dance number, and it can make me want to move my body.

Try it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Win a Q-Pot Ghost Ring- Rinkya Halloween Contest!!

We love Halloween at Rinkya, so.... we are sharing our love for the festivities with another Rinkya contest!!!

Win a Petite Ghost Ring ($120.00 retail value) from the limited edition Q-Pot Halloween 2010 Collection!
(Um, how cute is HE? (adorable!!)-
Happy Halloween from Rinkya!
The Rules:
- Leave a comment answering- What is your favorite Q pot item from our store?
(Wow, that is so easy!!!)
- Anonymous comments: leave your email address and first name in the comments (so I can reach you if you win!).

BONUS ENTRIES- Leave a separate comment for each bonus entry! Up to FIVE Bonus entries!

- Leave a user review on Rinkya Stores- on your favorite item from Rinkya Stores (please include the link of where you left your review on stores in your blog comment entry)

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- Retweet This message: Win a Q pot Ghost Ring from Rinkya, entering is easy! @laurelrinkya #giveaway

(or use the handy retweet button in the righthand corner of this post)

- Rinkya user? Just let me know! BONUS entry for our Rinkya users!! (we must be able to verify via username or email address)

Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry so each one can be counted!

Six chances to win- WOW!

Not a Rinkya user?
Sign up is fast, easy and FREE!

- Contest closes on November 1st 11.59PM US PST
- A random comment number winner will be chosen via (this is why you must leave a separate comment for EACH entry)
- Any duplicate entries that do not follow the rules will be deleted.
Please note the ring is available in only size 9 or 11.

Japan's Newest Exclusive Pepsi Flavor Review- Mont Blanc

The newest exclusive Pepsi to hit the Japan market is Mont Blanc, released October 25th for a limited time.

"Mont Blanc" is a popular dessert item in Japan, it could be a tart or a cake and made of puréed chestnuts and whip cream (wikipedia)-
Pocky, the delicious chocolate stick candy, even released a limited edition dessert Mont blanc Pocky special- (yummy!)
So does the newest Pepsi drink live up to the scrumptious dessert?
It is a mixed bag of reviews, but one thing can be agreed on, it did not remind them of the Mont Blanc dessert.

The Rinkya Japan Crew Comments:
Michele: SUKI (Like) - Not too sweet, very good, but not like the mont blanc dessert.
Suzuki: Oishii (Good) - Tastes like Caramel, oishii!
Hiro: What were they thinking?
Tate: The original Pepsi is much better.
Scott: I did not enjoy it, it reminded me of an espresso, so if you like espresso, go for it!
Heather: It tastes like Pepsi but with a chestnut or caramel flavor, and VERY sweet. The chestnut flavor I can still taste, so they got that part of the dessert correct. The dessert is not as sweet as this soda though.

Tuna Sleeping Bag - Just looks like a Tuna, doesn't smell like one!

Image by Tokyo Walker

Maker of the sleeping bag sarcophagus create a new hit with the tuna fish sleeping bag!!

Now, when you play dead fish, no need to smell like one! Hilarious picture from Tokyo Walker showing a great prank you can pull when you play dead fish, so you can ensure they won't let gaijin into Tsukiji anymore.

Although, in Japan, I'd be afraid to fall asleep while camping in one of these. Due to the fish shortage in the world, I might end up like sushi.

Comes out in December, get your pre-order in now from Rinkya Stores. Makes a unique Christmas gift!

Tuna Fish Sleeping Bag
US $76.82

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Japan Snack Weekly - Tuesday October 26th, 2010

Today's delectable delights from the Rinkya manager start with W Double Rich Cheese Potato Chips by Calbee

Aside from staff complaining it smelled like fake cheese, (duh) it tasted pretty good.
Deep Thoughts by Rinkya Staff: "How come American fake cheese doesn't smell this bad"?

Sour Gummies, Peach flavor. HARD Fruits Gummi

Yes, it says HARD in Japanese. Hmmm.. Anyhow, these are tolerable, but there is absolutely no trace of a real peach in here. Tastes like this famous toilet deodorizer in Japan that is peach odor.  (Editor's note: Hmm, why have you eaten toilet deodorizer?)

Shige Kicks, Cola-flavored Gummis

As if it needed more, these gummies are coated in sugar. Probably to mask the flavor.
Lots of spitting out of this one.

Babitz, Noucou Cheese Pizza (with Pizza taste!!) 

Little, bite-sized, round, cheesy crackers. The fake cheese smell is overpowering and the crackers fall apart in your mouth. I think they return to their chemical state as soon as moisture hits them.

Monday, October 25, 2010

SAW 3D Promoted with D Cups

The training series, for budding Jeffrey Dahmers, “Saw the Final - 3D” movie, makes its' debut here in Japan.

To promote the movie, Lions Gate hires 3 Japanese girls with “D cups”, dressed as nurses...

Because you know, nothing goes better with torture, than boobs. 


Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Hooters Opens in Tokyo, Japan!

October 25th, Monday, Hooters finally arrives in Japan!

We all know EXACTLY what you are curious about.
For example... How is the food? What about the location? Is there parking? Do they give you chopsticks? Do you get napkins? Don't worry guys, WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK!!!
All your questions answered and more!!

As we get to the establishment, Hooters showcases their jet boat, because in Tokyo, how else do you roll? That's right, a jet boat that goes 120 miles an hour!!! Don't get wet now!!!

Now, hopefully your wives, girlfriends and significant female others have lost all interest in this article at this point, so we can get down to the nitty gritty. You may now stop going on and on about how "AWESOME" Hooter's wings are..... (Honestly though, I swear, they are really good).

Inquiring minds what to know.
Q. Are Hooters girls Japanese or American?

A. 600 women applied to realize their dreams of serving men chicken and beer, as a Hooter's waitress. 50 Japanese girls were chosen, with about 20 who will be on the floor full-time. There are non-Japanese who are also mixed in there.

Q. Do they speak Japanese only?
A. No, everyone speaks both Japanese and English. Because, being bi-lingual in Japan guarantees a job in a coveted position like this. Wow! All those hospitals, law offices, immigration and banks are just SOL!
Just like Hooters in the US, these girls can speak your language. (BEER)

Q. What about tips?
A. No tips in Japan, and Yuki over here is certainly not happy about that. Here's a tip though, turn that frown upside down, you're a Hooter's girl nao! Just like most places in Tokyo, there is a table charge (service charge). You can expect that about 3000-3500 yen will get you a drink and a lovely dinner of chicken wings and breasts.

Hooters is just in front of Akasaka Mitsuke station, and the exit/entrance to Nagatacho station is in same building. That's right guys, easssssssy access! Front and back!

One more thing!
There is a great campaign!
Become a member of Hooters Club, and you can win a Hooters GM Camaro in Japan! Now, aside from the fantastic chicken wings, you have one more reason to visit Hooters.

I have to be a member!

From a Japanese perspective, this is a very American place and I'm not talking about McDonald's American. I don't think Japanese have ever experienced anything like this. It is like diving in pool of American culture, and Japanese can deeply enjoy what USA is. Shoot guns, put on a western hat, listen to Sweet Home Alabama and eat food served by women with ample amounts of PERSONALITY! Something like that. Get a taste of America at Hooters!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hanshin Tiger Toilet Paper!

Show that you are a TRUE fan of the Hanshin Tigers and get their toilet paper!

Tiger fans in Japan are thought of as the most fanatical of any other baseball team in Japan, so the toilet paper makes sense, lol!!  

Hanshin Tigers Toilet Paper 12 Rolls
US $5.67

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Switchblade Sister- Own a Unique Doll From Japan

These dolls are created by an up and coming designer in Japan-  amazing, adorable, kawaii, mohair face dolls.

These are original, one of a kind dolls available on Rinkya stores!

Visit the seller's store for the full listing available

Mohair Handmade Bunny face doll
US $253.16

Introducing Japanese Band Volume 2- AA= aaequal


This is a solo project of Ueda Tsuyoshi who had previously been in the band Mad Capsule Markets.
Mad Capsule Markets ended in 2005 and Ueda Tsuyoshi created AA in Oct. 2008.

He has states his roots are from punk rock & YMO (tech music), he creates music from a mixture of hard core, metal, tech, drum'n'bass, gaba, etc, and are based on punk style.

His sound is taken big by international fans, and Mad Capsule Markets had played in many international music festivals such as Ozz fest. by Ozzy Osbone, Download Fest., etc.

Tsuyoshi UEDA (Born 1968/8/25)
And my best favorite tune by AA= is this! The title is "#2", that is from 2nd album "GREED".

Listen to it here! 『GREED』

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anime World Star Goods Now on Rinkya Stores!

Visit the Anime World Star store front  on Rinkya Stores!

Many good available- Fullmetal Alchemist, Galaxy Express 999, Saint Seiya, The Lost Canvas and much more!!

Check it out today with many reduced sale prices!

B Snow Strap Yamato (Mobile Cleaner with charm Users)
US $19.94

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