Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ryo Ishikawa: the boy in our lives

If you are in Japan these days, most likely young 18 year old professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa is the person you will have the chance to see the most.
Chances are you will see young Ishikawa at least once a day!

I was impressed about the quantity of sponsorship that he keeps being offered. I counted around 50 sponsorships the young Ishikawa is leading at the moment, but might be even much more.

You might be seated watching japanese TV, the CM breaks in, and you see this young guy driving happily 3 children around the country on his new car, ...and at a certain point you might be wondering "...hey wait! Wasn't he the same guy aiming so badly for a Mc Donalds burger two commercials ago??".

The reason of such success:
Young Ishikawa reached the club of the best players in Japan and in the world, at the age of only 17. Good looking and clean boy image, he made (or was made) the pitch dressing style, his OWN style, a real trademark.
His outfit is trendy, often almost outlandish; famous are the red or pink trousers (or even entire dressed in red/pink from head to feed), and the visor, carrying high-tech sport sunglasses alway on top of it. He recently showed up with other colorful variations.

He recently debuted in the best World tournaments around the Planet, and there is no doubt that he is destined to write his name on many trophies in the years to come.

Already Fan of the young player, or simply looking for a cool souvenir? Check Yahoo Japan and japanese sites for exclusive items and memorabilia.
What about this cute plush or the detailed action figure?

And which value can this signed pink visor cap reach in the years to come?

Don't let him go...Keep the boy in Your Life!


Taro said...

As far as character goods go, it's Ishikawa’s golf clubs have the most "character." His golf club head cover for his driver slips on by putting it UP THE BUTT of a voodoo doll of himself!!


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