Thursday, October 07, 2010

Revival from 1988! Nubo!

Nubo was a chocolate snack that was produced in 1988, and vanished a long time ago.
Nubo was always recognizable by its' mascot-  a cute, fat little chickee!

This October, the snack is re-released  into a new steamed cake.

It is sweet, fluffy, soft and for all the health nuts- it also includes DHA for a healthy brain!

The guy with glasses is Tashiro Masashi,  a famous celebrity in the 80s who was a spokesperson for Nubo, but later was arrested for using drugs and being a peeping tom. Oops!

Comes in vanilla and chocolate flavor, 2 to a pack for 105 yen. We do not  officially sell these on our site, but if you are desperate for some DHA, I am sure we can make arrangements.


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