Monday, September 24, 2007

Rinkya is a Winner with DOLLS!

Pick up the October issue of DOLLS magazine for an article on Rinkya!

Get behind the scenes- Check out out some beautiful SuperDollfies, Unoa,
Blythe and other great YJ treasures and read an interview with President, Heather Russell.

Magazines are available at Barnes & Noble and Borders along with other national newsstand chains. For a listing of local stores that sell the magazine, please read here!

DOLLS Magazine

Friday, September 21, 2007

Rinkya Japan Weird Food Contest Extended!

My computer is in the shop right now, so I cannot announce a winner until I get it back!

Please keep sending your entries in!

As an added bonus to winning a mix of flavored Kit Kats (and an apology for the delay), we will throw in a Rinkya $20 commission credit good for auction and store purchases!

Image InventorSpot

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Website Updates!

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party for Wii's updated website now shows characters, videos and much more to explore the newest release for Wii!

Get some DDR on YJ:

Nintendo Wii
Dance Dance Revolution
Popn' Music

Via GoNintendo

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kazuo Oga Studio Ghibli Special DVD & Blu Ray Release!

Famed background artist and art director, Kazuo Oga, whose exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo was well received, will be releasing a DVD and Blu Ray on the exhibit.

Footage will contain information on Totoro's woods, commentary from his contemporaries, all 600 works that were displayed at the Museum, and the making of the cover paintings.

For those who could not make it to Tokyo for the special exhibit, the DVD and Blu Ray release is a beautiful alternative. The DVD will run 3990 yen, Blu Ray 6090 yen starting December 19th.

Another special bonus will be a Studio Ghibli matchbox- displaying Oga's painting of Totoro in a deep slumber (shown above).

Please visit YJ for your Favorite Studio Ghibli Items:

Studio Ghibli


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Ghibli World

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rinkya Sees 2020 on the Inc. 5000!

Inc. Magazine ranked Tempe, Arizona's Rinkya, Inc., 2020 on its first-ever Inc. 5,000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

Rinkya ranks 53 in the Top Companies in Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ, 8 in Tempe; 67 in the Top Companies in Consumer Products and 5 in Arizona in that category.

Thank you to our customers for their loyal support!

Please read here for more info!

Rinkya Japan Weird Food Contest Deadline in Two Days!

Don't you hate it when the steam from noodles flattens your hair? Wear this invention!

Please submit your weirdest food/drink item from Japan and the winner will receive a package of the various Kit Kat flavors from Japan!

We are looking for the most unique find!

Please include a picture and/or link of the item. We will take entries until September 20th!

Please submit to


Monday, September 17, 2007

Respect for The Aged Day!

Every year on the third Monday in September, Japan honors its' elders with a special day of celebration- KeirĊ no Hi, or Respect for the Aged Day.

Japan has a very large elder population and the second longest life expectancy of any nation in the world.
On Friday, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced that Japan has over 30,000 residents over 100 years of age.

Take a tip from Japan and drop a line to your loved elders today!

Hakata Dolls Shown Above on Auction

Friday, September 14, 2007

Chopstick Jenga!

If you thought the US version of Jenga was rough, check out Japan's take on the game using chopsticks!

The product page describes it as a way to make learning chopsticks fun!

Want your own? Order it through Rinkya Stores!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rinkya Collector's Corner- FlyWheels' Transformers!

How long have you been collecting?

I started when I was 7 in 1984, but really got into collecting again in 1993 and have been going strong since.

How did you get started collecting Japanese transformers?

Thanks to my introduction to the internet. As I researched the rich history of Transformers on various Transformers websites I discovered that Japan got so
much more stuff (toys and all) than the U.S. ever got.

What is the “dream” item for you?

I guess like a lot of other collectors, a complete, mint in box Grand Maximus.

What is your favorite part of collecting Transformers?

The childhood memories that are attached to the characters/toys and the thrill of finding that hard to find toy.

What is your favorite item you found thru Rinkya and

Goryu, one of the Destron Dinoforce members. I had managed to buy the other 5 Dinoforce members complete in their original boxes, but Goryu (the t-rex) had
always eluded me. So I was very ecstatic when I found and won that auction.

How did you like the movie Transformers? Did it live up to your expectations?

Yes, I enjoyed the movie greatly...although I thought some of the humans just "got in the way". Looking forward to the DVD release though as well as the impending sequel!

Where can we see your Transformers collection?

My photo album of my packaged Japanese Transformer items can be found here:
That is just a small representation of everything Transformers that I own though. I haven't found the time to finish photographing everything else!

Thank you FlyWheels for sharing your collection and good luck!

Want to showcase your collection? Email me at

Transformers on YJ

Prior Collector's Corners:
Cel Collector Ryan!
Blythe Collector April!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bape, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash- Oh My!

More items from Bape's line of DC comics inspired designs. No word on release date yet.

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Check out more rare, limited items on YJ:
Bathing Ape

Via Hypebeast

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Handmade Beautiful Cup Designs from Japan!

I am obsessed with design blogs right now and my biggest pet peeve is when I find things I like, only to find it is in the Netherlands or somewhere else and I cannot buy it. These moments make me very happy I have Rinkya (at least for Japan goods!).

These cup designs are handmade in the store and can be purchased online via Rinkya Stores, my personal favorite is the bird, which I already ordered today! The store has many handmade designs, browse here!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Nothing like a Grenade in the Morning!

I want one of these!
The alarm will only turn off when you throw it against a wall (or other hard surface)! I suggest the wall , because if you are anything like me (i.e. a huge klutz) you would knock over your bedside lamp, hit a loved one, etc

Available in Grenade, Baseball and Soccer!

Let's hope this sucker does not malfunction- could easily put a dent in your day.

Via Trends in Japan

Friday, September 07, 2007

Reminder- Send Your Entries to Our Weird Food Contest!

Thanks for your comments- it IS turtle jelly, Great Job Icie!

Send in your entries for our Japan Weird Food Contest

Win Kit Kat Flavors only available in Japan!!

Submit your entries to

For inspiration, I present this picture:

Unless someone identifies it beforehand (leave your guess in comments), I will tell you what it is Monday!
Of course people who can read Japanese may have a jump on you!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rinkya Collector's Corner- Ryan's Anime Cels!

How long have you been collecting?

I have been collecting Original Comic Artwork since 1978 and Anime Cels
since 2001

How did you get started collecting cels?

In 2001 at the San Diego Comic-con that year I was recovering from knee
surgery so my wife and I took a lot of breaks from walking around. One of
the breaks found us in one of the Anime rooms there. One of the shows we saw
that day was Oh My Goddess Ova episodes #4 &5 . The story and character
designs impressed us so later in the dealer room we found a seller and
bought the dvds. Next to that booth was Anime Link and we saw some of the
cels Rick had for sale. We purchased several and have been adding to our
collection ever since.

What is the “dream” item for you?

I can't truly say I have a true "dream" item for my collection is diverse
and I have many favorites. This one with the image that seems to capture Belldandy perfectly is the one I chose to use as a feature image that appears in rotation on the front page of the Rubberslug
home page.

What is your favorite part of collecting cels?

We enjoy owning images of our favorite series that one can look at and
instantly your mind can replay the scene. Also through collecting and having
a gallery on Rubberslug we have made quite a few great friends.

What is your favorite item you found thru Rinkya and why?

I would say it's way too hard to pick one cel. With non cel items , I was
able through Rinkya to get a couple of Ai Yori Aoshi lithographs that made
great presents for my wife. &

Where can we see your treasures?
At the website RubberSlug which just passed it's 6 year
My personal gallery can be found there at

Thank you for sharing your collection with us!!!

Image is Property of Owner, do not copy without permission.

For Your Own Cels, Check out YJ:
Anime Cels
Ah! My Goddess

Rinkya's Cel Sale is still on, save money when you purchase a cel, genga, douga, background!

Visit our First Collector's Corner- Blythe Collector April!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gundam in Mega Blocks- Order Direct from Japan!

A much more affordable version of Gundam compared to the platinum model and it is fun to build too!

Order any of them from Rinkya Stores Via Product Page

To pick up your very own Gundam collectibles:
Gundam on YJ

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Enlarge Your Banana for Halloween- Direct From Japan!

I know Halloween is almost two months away, but if you are picking up your costume from Japan, now is the time to start thinking about it.

The following costumes are great for underwear as well!

Surprise! Underpants, lift the flap and underneath is a match- Come On Baby and light my fire!

Hanami Underpants. Hanami is Japanese for the viewing of flowers, undoubtedly which you will be unable to stop from doing so if a person is wearing this costume.

Flying Ru Underpants. Another surprise lies underneath the flap on this pair of Halloween underpants! You cannot worm your way out of this one! Ahahaha, pun intended.

And finally, we cannot have penis underwear costumes without including the banana:

Want to surprise your guests at your Halloween party?

Order these direct from Japan through Rinkya!

Look for more Wacky Japan Halloween Costumes on our Blog!

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