Monday, October 18, 2010

The Japan Snack Weekly!

Almost everyday, our manager buys some new type of chip or candy at the conbini for the Rinkya staff to try. It was not until recently we decided to write and perhaps even warn you about them with "Japan Snack Weekly".
It is amazing to see how something new comes out on a weekly basis and even more amazing that many of them leave little to be desired....
While our manager gives this to us on the premise he is being nice, we all know this altruism is a sham.

We do have a lot fun trying the new Snacks and even more fun watching each other's reactions. It is rare we get a winner and not to be a Debbie Downer (Yum, Little Debbies), but we truly want you to save your money. (and tastebuds). Let us be your Japan Snack guides!

First up today is:
MAYO-BEEF with Garlic Potato chips.  Japan does love its' Mayo, but it REALLY should have not been added to the chips.  Mayo Beef since 1998. 10 years of this??  Well, I guess Japan does really love its' mayo!

Next we have:
Yasai Poteko - Butter flavor. A shaka (hang loose) mascot wearing a bonnet hat, lol!  Yasai means vegetable and I can't find a trace of anything organic in this bag. Tastes like crunchy mac & cheese that's been sitting out for a week. (Editor's note: Is it wrong that I think that sounds delicious! mmm mac n cheese...)
Dispelling the myth that anything with butter, tastes good.

Very famous Caramel Corn by Tokato. Looks like mummified caterpillars! Which I might add, possibly could make it taste better. Tastes like you are biting into a big, fluffy diabetic shock- much too sweet for my taste buds!  The one we had was the DEKKAI version, 5 times bigger, 5 times more diabetes!


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