Thursday, October 21, 2010

Introducing Japanese Band Volume 2- AA= aaequal


This is a solo project of Ueda Tsuyoshi who had previously been in the band Mad Capsule Markets.
Mad Capsule Markets ended in 2005 and Ueda Tsuyoshi created AA in Oct. 2008.

He has states his roots are from punk rock & YMO (tech music), he creates music from a mixture of hard core, metal, tech, drum'n'bass, gaba, etc, and are based on punk style.

His sound is taken big by international fans, and Mad Capsule Markets had played in many international music festivals such as Ozz fest. by Ozzy Osbone, Download Fest., etc.

Tsuyoshi UEDA (Born 1968/8/25)
And my best favorite tune by AA= is this! The title is "#2", that is from 2nd album "GREED".

Listen to it here! 『GREED』


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