Friday, October 15, 2010

Garamon- I am not cute, but I am valuable!

Garamon is the name of the scary character you see in the picture, a 7" inch Soft Vinyl toy ("Sofubi", abbreviation in Japanese) produced by maker Marusan, following the release and success in 1966 of the Kaijuu monsters movie "Ultra Q".

Soft Vinyl toys just started to become popular at this time, (a cheaper option to the more
expensive Tin toys). The first edition of Garamon was 300 pieces (original price 350 Yen), and it sold out very fast.

Later, Garamon popularity soared after being in the first "Ultraman" series- becoming one of the most classic characters of the show.

Meanwhile, more editions and thousands of Garamon vinyl toys were produced over the years, and nowadays some companies release the very same original shaped and sized vinyl toy for collectors and nostalgics, at resonable prices.

But, how much is a Garamon 1st edition valuable?
With only 300 pieces made at the time, the initial problem is even finding one! According to experts, only about 5 pieces are known to be in existence.

As a consequence, the value is approximately 7,000,000 Yen (about $85,000!), which makes it the most expensive japanese Soft Vinyl toy of all time.

As you can see, you do not necessarily have to be good looking,  to be popular...


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