Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Bentos!!

This cute one is my favorite! Little chicks and bunnys!!

An adorable bunny made of rice! Salmon, broccoli, carrots and more create this healthy bento!

A sushi Easter bunny! Taking a nap after a long day of hiding eggs! Some ingredients include egg and carrot!

These baby chicks are made from egg and even the cherry tomato has a baby chick coming out of it!

Let's dress up Hello Kitty as a chick for Easter!

And another Sanrio character- the bunny rabbit- Cinnamon!

Have a wonderful Easter!!


Hao said...

Cute! Love the Hello Kitty one! :)

Dan Savage said...

I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen (cooking is not one of my best skills) and I'm not a cute bunny rabbit enthusiast, but these spring themed bentos are legitimate and impressive works of art. :-)

Jo Cheung said...

aah they are cute!! Wouldn't want to see them! :)

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