Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harmless Gun Makes Cleaning Your Keyboard Fun!

We need keyboard brushes- so why not make them fun? The BIG GUN BRUSH made in Japan is another awesome looking keyboard cleaner from Japan!

If a gun is not your style- get a keyboard brush Elvis or Afro Style
Or what about salary man and biker?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Japanese Gadget Revealed!

This version of Pinocchio:

Is a teapot and teacup!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Guess the Japanese Gadget!

Another Pinocchio gadget/item from Japan! Also, he technically has two functions here, so guess both!

Have a wonderful weekend readers!

Click Here to See Gadget Revealed

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Endless Beer Can Popping Keychain!

Here's a gift for your favorite beer lover, or alcoholic. Re-enact the joyous sound of opening a beer with the endless can beer keychain!

It does not come with a warning, but beware, similar to how cats go running when they hear the can opener, you might end up being tackled by a few Homer Simpson types while playing with it!

Available in June from Bandai for around $9.00! Pick up yours at Rinkya Stores!

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Via Crunchgear

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Workaholic Pillow!

I am not sure if anyone should try this one on for size with the recession and all, but you can fake a long day with this book pillow!!

I think they should have added text to the open page to make it more realistic.
Even if it was in Japanese, you can wow your bosses with the fact you are reading Japanese- even if you are asleep, maybe they will be impressed?

This fake book that is actually a pillow is awesome if you are low on space too, fits right in your bookshelf!

3500 yen commission fee $12 from Rinkya Stores!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shaggy Bunny Bath Mats!

This shaggy bath mat is not only cute, it looks so comfy. Although I am not lying on a bath mat often, but drunk salary man often are!

2800 yen each, order via Rinkya Stores for low commission of $10!

If you like bunnys, you may like our Bunny Eco Friendly Bag!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Towels with Boobs!! Semi NSFW

What guy wouldn't want to wash his face in morning and wipe it off with these?
Sure to get you right up in the morning ^_-

A great gag gift for Japan only 1071 yen, $9 Rinkya Stores Commission fee.
Product page!

Japan, keeping boobs in gags for many years to come!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Embarrassed of Using A Shoe Horn?

Leave it to Japan to come up with the solution- functional and cute!
Hide it to look like a fake plastic plant!

1575 yen Rinkya Stores commission $9.00
Product Page

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honk! Honk! Car USB Drives!

I am a huge fan of these adorable USBs!! I particularly love the VolksWagon Bus! But you also get a Peugeot, Lamborghini, or a Beetle! Makes an engine start up noise when you plug it in!

Holds 1GB of memory, and Supports the OS Windows98, 98SE, ME, XP, 5800 yen each!

Product Page order via Rinkya Stores

Post It Note USBs
Glowing Squid USB
Lego Brick USB
Humping Dog Jump Drive
Disney Thumb Drives
A Collection of Wacky USB Drives!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keep Your Child's Measurements!

This is an adorable and unique item from Japan for your child's room!

Measure your child and hold the marker with the clothespins, take a picture of your growing child and clip it next to the height!

Measures up to 70 centimeters (over 2 feet)

1890 yen each, low commission fee of $9.00!
Product Page
Rinkya Stores

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

X Japan & Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty gets a JRock makeover when she joins X Japan!

Thank you 3 Yen News for the info!

For more on X Japan, check out their homepage!

X Japan on YJ
X Japan Online Stores
X Japan on Rakuten

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Japanese Gadget Revealed!

Chopstick or spoon rests!
They are made to look like spilled soy sauce, milk or water!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Guess the Japanese Gadget!

What do these globs do?

Have a great weekend!

Click Here to See Gadget Revealed

Thursday, March 12, 2009

White Day Lush Soaps From Japan!

White Day is celebrated March 14th in Japan and is more like Valentine's Day here in the US.

Valentine's Day in Japan is when the guys get the gifts, White Day is when the ladies get presents!!

LUSH, the premier soap company that has soap scents and shapes to die for!!
LUSH Japan, has some special White Day packages for the favorite woman in your life.

Check out the LUSH Japan website for more packages and White Day Specials!

Order any you may like via Rinkya Stores!

Another Special White Day Gift!
Louis Vuitton Roses for White Day

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rinkya Collector's Corner Barbie Part Two!

6. What is your favorite part of collecting Barbies?
This is easy---IT IS THE HUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is nothing like the high I get when a new dress comes up on yahoojp. The anticipation, bidding, winning and yes, sometimes losing is exciting! The delivery is a big high too, But once opened and stashed it is time to search for the next outfit, for the next high.

7.What is your favorite item you found thru Rinkya and why?

(Pictured above) The blue lace outfit Barbie- doll and outfit found on Rinkya

8. How do you showcase your collection?
My collection is all re boxed, stored on poster board in zip lock bags, NRFB or MIB. Nothing is displayed. Just boxes on shelves. Not much too look at.

9. Do you have any tips for new Barbie collectors?
Get as many books as you can afford and read, read, read. Knowledge in what you collect is VERY important. Talk to long time collectors and talk to other sellers of the same items. Once an un- seen before dress appears on yahoojp, the picture goes out to many. It is discussed much.

10. Are there fakes out there and how do you spot them?

Oh boy--there are many US fakes---it is easy to sew a Mattel tag in a dress. A few years ago some perfect un-used tags were found. I'm sure some ended up in fakes. Even dolls are faked--There are numerous stories about number one Barbies being made from #3's. The Japanese exclusives are faked too. Some of these outfits didn't have a Mattel tag to begin with. In deciding authenticity of these items-look at the snaps-Mattel used certain ones, look at the construction, the way sewn together, the type fabric, the color of the outfit, trims used, ask other collectors and go by the "gut feeling". This goes back to the above question. Get as much knowledge about the items as you can. Sometimes you can just look at a dress and tell if it's real. And, of course, be prepared for the time you are fooled. that will happen.

11. How many dolls/items are in your Barbie collection?

I don't have a huge collection due to the fact I don't display a dressed doll. My favorite doll is the number one barbie. The early had painted eyebrows ones especially. I have 12 number ones. Number 2's and number 3's are next favorites. In all, probably 350 dolls, many hundreds of outfits. And of course Barbie has to have her plane, cars, and houses. I also have some barbie advertisement items used in stores. I have many Japanese exclusive outfits, too. But there are many , many more out there, just waiting with my name on them!!!

Thank you IgeanaG for sharing your collection and your time with us! Have fun HUNTING!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie! Collector's Corner Interview Part 1!

To celebrate Barbie's 50th Birthday, we have one of the ultimate Barbie collector's interviewed! Thank you, IgeanaG, for taking the time for our interview!

Readers you will love the education on Barbie *exclusive* Japanese pieces!!

1.We all know Barbie's are a hot collector's item, but what makes Japanese Barbie's, clothing etc special?

Mattel (thru the Kokusai Boeki Kaisha Co) started manufacturing Barbie in Japan in 1959, but it wasn't until 1961/62 that the Kokusai Boeki Kaisha company produced any dolls or outfits that were sold to the Japanese market.

The regular Barbie was not well received in Japan so other dolls were introduced--the Japanese Midge, had slightly oriental features and was well liked.

The Iki Iki Eli , bendleg Japanese sidepart American girl, sidepart bubblecut , Japanese Francie and Japanese Skipper were more dolls that were produced just for the Japanese Market.

While the regular clothes made in Japan were sent to the US and sold in Japan,too, it is the outfits and dolls that were made ONLY for the Japanese market that attract so many collectors today.

Japanese exclusive outfits are hunted like diamonds and we are very excited when one is found. Variations in fabrics and completely new outfits turn up all the time on yahoojp. The jewels of any advanced vintage collection are the Japanese Exclusives. Using Rinkya, I scour the Barbie sites every day, hoping to find a diamond in the pile of clothes a seller has for sale.

The kimonos made in Japan for Barbie are especially hard to find. There were three made from a brocade fabric and one with colorful silk. They are usually found on a Barbie doll with her hair up in an elaborate braided bun with a "Pearl" ornamentation in her hair. These Kimonos are not tagged as all of Mattel's other clothes for Barbie. They come with obis and purses. And oddly enough -American shoes.

One of the rarest Japanese exclusives is the Japanese Spanish ballgown.
It is a beautiful, elaborate gown that was probably expensive at the time. Very few of these have surfaced. Special jewelry was made just for this outfit. Some of the earlier outfits made for the American market were made for the Japanese market with totally different fabrics and these are highly sought also.

Most of the Japanese exclusive outfits came with special hats and purses-again made just for this market. It is VERY VERY hard to find complete outfits. I search and search on yahoojp and often bid on lots just for the hat or purse.

Since there isn't much documentation of these outfits, any time a never-removed-from-box outfit shows up , it is exciting. This comfirms what pieces go with the outfit. And we are usually surprised!! Odd color purses and shoes and hats that don't match are the norm.

In summary, the rarity and variety of the Japanese exclusives make these outfits sooooooo special!!

2. Do you collect new Barbie's as well as Vintage?

No, I collect only vintage and only vintage Barbie. No Francie or Skipper, but I do have a few Japanese Midges. Three fourths of my collection is 1959 thru 1964. Once I started collecting the Japanese Exclusive outfits the time line expanded a few years,into the late 60's. That's when the wonderful dressed box twist and turn Barbies were sold in Japanese-- some in exclusive outfits, of course.

3. How long have you been collecting?

Avidly, since 2000. I have always loved the doll. I have my Barbie #4 and her clothes that I got in 1960 for Christmas. Since I was older when I got her, she is very well preserved as are the clothes. In the early 90's I tried to find some additional outfits, but didn't do doll shows so it was hard to find the items.

With Ebay, the world opened up. I started trying to collect mint outfits, but due to seller's different meaning of "mint" I stopped that and started collecting never removed from box outfits. I have all the barbie outfits made from 1959 thru 1964 in the box, except for one, easter parade. I'll find it one day...

4. How did you get started collecting Japanese Barbies?

After so many years, you get all the US outfits and dolls and I reached that point a couple of years ago. I went through the sample and prototype outfit stage, but those are very rare and hard to find with proof to be Mattel unless you really know where they come from.
At this time I had a friend who was into Japanese exclusives outfits and naturally I got interested, especially in the early Japanese outfit variations of US outfits.
We were both only on eBay and these outfits were very scarce.
We had a mutual friend that sold the exclusives her friend found in Japan.
We tried to find a way to get on Yahoojp. We often visited the site, but it wasn't until I was told about Rinkya that my collection took off.
Rinkya has made it easy to bid on the outfits that appear on yahoojp and they help me understand the Japanese culture.
Rinkya also makes payment easy. And lastly--- ship quickly--- once the items are in the warehouse and I request shipment. And, of course, they put up with my computer ineptness.
Now, If they could scare up some more outfits--it would be perfect!!

5) What is your ultimate wish list item?

It is a white satin and net short dress with full skirt. Trimmed in silver and lace. It has a bolero white satin jacket with large white bow with rhinestone holding it together in the front.

The dress was made by the KB company for Mattel probably around 1965-66. It will have the Mattel Barbie label. It is one of those Japanese exclusives made just for the Japanese little girls.

Come back tomorrow for more!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Barbie celebrates 50 years today!

Keep up with the blog this week for special Barbie features!

Barbie on YJ

Japanese Gadget Revealed!

Why do you want a crawfish tooth brush holder?

Cuz it is from Japan, it is awesome and you have an obsession with crawfish!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Guess the Japanese Gadget!

What does this crawfish do?

Have a wonderful weekend readers!

Click Here to See Gadget Revealed

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yumm, Like Cheese?

Why not get some cheese coasters?

Other funny food items from Japan!

Ice Cream Lamp
Pudding Stool
and Bread Chair!
Hamburger Coasters

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Smelly Co-Worker? Try This Aroma USB!

This is a great portable aroma diffuser for you to take anywhere!
School library, Office, Starbucks (although I love the smell of coffee...)

Available in black, pink and white.
2310 yen each and 525 yen for 3 scent cartridges
Scents are: Lavender, jasmine, peppermint and rose

Add some aromatherapy to your life and create a more pleasant, creative work environment! Available only in Japan!

Product Page
, Order via Rinkya Stores!

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Disney Thumb Drives
A Collection of Wacky USB Drives!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Girl's Day (Hina-Matsuri) Bentos!

Hina Matsuri is "Girl's Day" in Japan and families pray for the happiness and prosperity of their girls and display beautiful Hina sets on step tiered stands.

I love the two egg dolls in the middle and then the side emperor and empress!!

Cucumber, cheese, eggs, and if you believe my translator cherry buttocks (which is tomatoes I am sure!)

Not so much a bento lunch and more like a cake, but a beautiful job done on this food celebration of Girl's Day! Wow, check out the carrot and cucumber arms!


Beautifully done! Both of these bentos have exquisite detail- pink rice, cut out flowers. Very Girl's Day inspired!

For more on the festival, read last year's blog post on Girl's Day!

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Bento Supplies from Japan

Search all the listings for Bento on YJ and Bid Through Rinkya!

For Girl's Day, we have collected a few doll links so you can add to your collection:

Hina Matsuri Items
Super Dollfies
Blythe Dolls
Vintage Dolls

Rinkya also has two indepth Rinkya Links Newsletters on Hina Dolls and the Festival:
Hina Matsuari One
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Monday, March 02, 2009

Japanese Gadget Revealed!

Yep, it is a hanger!

Order via Rinkya Stores for 2310 yen!

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