Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Japan Snack Weekly - Tuesday October 26th, 2010

Today's delectable delights from the Rinkya manager start with W Double Rich Cheese Potato Chips by Calbee

Aside from staff complaining it smelled like fake cheese, (duh) it tasted pretty good.
Deep Thoughts by Rinkya Staff: "How come American fake cheese doesn't smell this bad"?

Sour Gummies, Peach flavor. HARD Fruits Gummi

Yes, it says HARD in Japanese. Hmmm.. Anyhow, these are tolerable, but there is absolutely no trace of a real peach in here. Tastes like this famous toilet deodorizer in Japan that is peach odor.  (Editor's note: Hmm, why have you eaten toilet deodorizer?)

Shige Kicks, Cola-flavored Gummis

As if it needed more, these gummies are coated in sugar. Probably to mask the flavor.
Lots of spitting out of this one.

Babitz, Noucou Cheese Pizza (with Pizza taste!!) 

Little, bite-sized, round, cheesy crackers. The fake cheese smell is overpowering and the crackers fall apart in your mouth. I think they return to their chemical state as soon as moisture hits them.


Taro 3Yen said...

You had me scratching my head about the last chip: "Babitz, Noucou Cheese Pizza (with Pizza taste!!)"

It took me a long time to figure out that maybe "Noucou Cheese" is some sort of slang for 'Nouveau Couture' (「ノウコウ」NouCou/NooCoo/NuCou/or even NoCo)。

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