Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Tower of Sun: one Osaka's symbol turns 40!

Exactly 40 years has already passed since the famous Avant-garde artist Tarou Okamoto delivered what became his greatest and famous work, the "Tower of Sun".
The art was commissioned by organizers of Expo '70, the memorable international cultural fair which took place in Suita (a location near Osaka) and lasted for about 6 months, with an amazing audience of 64,218,770 visitors!

The "Tower of Sun" became the symbol of the entire show and was preserved at the end of the Expo, continuing to be a tourist attraction today-  in what is now named "Expo Commemoration Park".

The controversial monument (height 70 meters) is both loved and despised since the early days.
However, it became an icon of the 70's pop culture and you can find hundreds of commemorative little models depicting it today. A whole range is available, from high priced original numbered & certified pieces for art collectors, to cheaper plastic souvenirs, etc.

If this monument brings you nice memories and you wish a souvenir to celebrate the historic event, you can find it on Rinkya!

Happy Birthday, 太陽の塔 !!


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