Thursday, October 14, 2010

Introducing Japanese Bands Volume 1- Straightener

A guest blogger from Rinkya will tell you about his favorite Japanese bands, perhaps you will learn about ones you have never heard of!!

There are so many Japanese bands, those I want to introduce.
Today, I raise one, that is my best.

Straightener is the band.

B: Hidekazu Hyuuga, D:Shinpei Nakayama, Vo&G:Atsushi Horie, G:Jun Ooyama (Left to right.)
Horie & Nakayama created the band in 1998, and at that time, a band with only 2 members was not common.
Hyuuga joined in 2004 and Ooyama did in 2008, creating the current band today of 4 members.

Though I liked the first band, I prefer the sound of the 4 members.

Especially this album,

Read more about the album after the jump!

I love a song called "Man-like Creatures" of this album.

Listen to the song here:

It really rocks, though sound is not loud.
It is really Japanese style with a beautiful melody line.
Horie said he was influenced by Tom Yorke & Radiohead, and his sound reflects that influence.  
If you are a fan of Radiohead, check out the Japanese band, Straightener.


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