Monday, March 11, 2013

Wrap up of New & Limited Edition Super Dollfie models from Dolls Party Osaka 7

On March 10th, Volks held a Super Dollfie event, Dolls Party (Dolpa) Osaka 7, and revealed several of their new and limited edition models.
These new models are already showing up on auctions, so let's take a look at what came out !

From Journey to the Dream Nights series presents a gracious trio, Claude the Beast, Claude the Prince, and Belle.
As you might have guessed, the newest models from this fairy tale-based series are inspired by the Beauty and the Beast story by Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

SDGOU Claude the Beast

Claude the Beast, is described as Yami no Yaju, "the beast of darkness."
Characterized by his stunning vermillion eyes and tanned skin, the Beast is wild, yet carries himself with distinguished elegance. This model comes with gorgeous 18th century style outfits, I absolutely love the furred-mask and lacy jabot!

SD17 Claude the Prince

Claude the Prince, on the other hand, is described as Ai no Ouji, "the prince of love." He is a young boy of royal blood, with much more delicate and gentle facial features. His appearance is noble and suits perfectly in his formal court attire. His gray purple eyes are yet to lose light and filled with brilliance.

SDGr Belle

Belle is a young beautiful girl raised by a loving family.
Belle's specially custom-designed hair flows naturally around her shoulders, and from her dark, thick cape peeks a charming face. Would her love save the damaged, tragic soul of Claude? 

Super Dollfie Midi
Liz and Chloe

Super Dollfie Midi is an entire new line of models that are similar to mini-SD.
The first two models released from this new series are Liz and Chloe.
Young and innocent, SDM Liz and Chloe are the embodiment of youthful dreams girls have had as children. 
Their appearances are characterized by adolescent body-type that is not yet adult but in process of growing into one. The difference between mini-SD and SDM can be seen at their parting sections (located a little lower than before) and flexible double joints at elbows and knees to offer greater ease in posing. They can "seiza" (seat in such a way they fold their legs beneath the thighs) with no problems at all.

Their heads and bodies are inter-changeable with mini-SD models, which is really nice to owners who already have mini-SD dolls.

Dollfie Dream 

Lucy Maria Misora: Magical Princess version

From Dollfie Dream line, we have Lucy Maria Misora: Magical Princess ver.
Lucy aka "Lu-ko" has been featured in Dollfie Dream before, but this time she returns with lovely semi-white skin and a super cute outfit she had worn in ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers.
Stripy socks, frilled umbrella with a curly handle, silky pink long hair…it's cuteness overload!

Dollfie Dream Sister

Nanami is a newly introduced member of SD's After School Akihabara Girls collection.
She is an energetic junior-high student and is the younger sister of DD Natsuki. Unlike Natsuki, Nanami is not an otaku, but they get along really well like friends.

Nanami model comes in three different sets.
One is a normal DDS Nanami model with her default outfit and accessories.

There is also Nanami Seifuku (uniform) set, in which Nanami comes in her school uniform. High-cut sneakers + knee-high socks + short skirt combo are just perfect, showing her cheerful personality.

And here comes a really awesome one… 
Nanami Guitar Set!

Nanami is a normal school girl during school hours, but after school, she plays a guitar with her band. How cool is that? She is totally rock 'n' roll.
The attention to details are wonderful too! 

The guitar set is actually pre-order/produced on-demand only, so they are only going to make as many as they are ordered. You can pre-order from sellers on auction if you like!

(If you pre-order one, it does not get shipped until April.)

Lastly, a picture of Nanami with Natsumi…Lovely sisters!

Couldn't find the dolls you are looking for?
Let us help you. Don't hesitate to ask, we are here for you anytime!


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