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Pineapple ramen restaurant sells Coffee Ramen

There are a lot of ramen restaurants with all assortments in Japan, but this particular ramen shop in Ogikubo area of Tokyo, called Pa Pa Pa Pa Pine, is specialized in pinapple ramen, and now they also sell coffee ramen for limited-time only.

Now they sound awfully weird, but let's take a look at their staple menu: pineapple ramen.

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pine's original pineapple ramen was created because of its owner's love for pineapples.
A quarter of broth is made of pineapple juice, and it contains no meat in it at all, except for some fish base. Thus, it is a very healthy, low-calorie alternative to generally fatty, greasy ramen dishes.
That's pretty impressive already, but they won't stop there. 
Great ramen has to come with great ajitsuke-tamago (seasoned boiled eggs) to be called perfect.
Pa Pa Pa Pa Pine's boiled eggs are, as you might guess, also pineapple-flavored!
Boiled eggs, usually soaked in soy-based sauce, are instead infused with pineapple juice, leaving dessert-like freshness in your mouth when you take a bite.

As if pineapple ramen is not strange enough, the restaurant occasionally sells special dishes with special weird ingredients for limited time too.

Coffee ramen is one of their latest special menu. It is a ramen dish consisting of rich, fish-base broth topped with powdered coffee, nori seaweed, onions, and chashu pork.
Now this ramen is, according to a review by RocketNews writer, really, really strong and bitter.
While fish-base broth and coffee topping create shocking bitterness to the dish, onions and chashu pork add hints of sweetness to balance it out.

The owner of the shop suggests that if you don't like black coffee, you can add creamer and sugar to ramen. It is weird to think about mixing dairy and sweetener to ramen, but it doesn't wreck the flavors and actually adds richness to the soup.

Ramen is topped with powdered coffee

In the past, Pa Pa Pa Pa Pine has sold Chocolate Ramen for Valentine's Day, Strawberry Ramen, Papaya Ramen, Mixed Fruit Ramen, Cilantro Ramen, Pumpkin Ramen for Halloween... the list goes on. If you ever get bored with normal ramen, you know where to go!

You can check Pa Pa Pa Pa Pine's latest ramen announcements on official Twitter account.

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pine is located at:
1F Nisshin Plaza
3-12-1 Nishi-ogikubo-minami
Suginami-ku, Tokyo


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