Monday, March 04, 2013

Smartpants: the World's First Panties for Smartphones

Bandai will release its unique new gashapon (capsule toy) lineup - introducing world's first Smartpants.

What are Smartpants?

They are undergarments specially made for smartphones, to protect the most important/sensitive parts of your phones: the Home buttons. 

Not only are they practical, Smartpants also come in a variety of designs to satisfy fashion-conscious crowds!
They come in 8 distinctive designs: White briefs, blue stripes, pink boomerang, leopard pring thongs, boxer briefs, bright red thongs, strawberry print, and a surprise "secret" design.

Each capsule of Smartpants costs 200 yen. It will be on sale some time in March, but the exact data has not been announced. Sometimes most unexpected, fascinating items come out of gashapon machines, and that is why we love them!

While waiting for Smartpants release, see all capsule toys on YJ auction.

Source: Narinari


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