Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Mayonnaise Gourmet, Avocado Shrimp, and more from Pizza Hut's Seasonal Menu

2013 is Pizza Hut's 55th anniversary!
To celebrate the occasion, Pizza Hut Japan introduced its new menu items staring March 4th to June 9th, available limited time only.

There are 6 new items added to Pizza Hut:

1) Avocado Shrimp
Although Domino's Japan has been selling pizzas with avocados and shrimp toppings as its regular menu item, Pizza Hut's got its own version too now.
These avocados are spiced up with herbs and pureed into special sauce, adding creamy richness to juicy shrimps. 

2) Rich Formaggio
For serious cheese lovers! 
On each piece of this pizza is topped with a big chunk of camembert cheese. It is covered with fresh mozzerella, cheddar, parmesan, and tomatoes for extra refreshing flavors. 

3) Wild Garlic
If you don't mind stinking up the room with the smell, here's a pizza to scare off any vampires. Wild Garlic pizza is topped with tons of cloves of garlic. Accompanied by pepperoni, bacon, italian sausage, and hint of black peppers, it'll for sure satisfy your taste buds.

4) Thick Cut Teriyaki Chicken

Each piece of this pizza has a thick-cut teriyaki chicken. And of course, mayonnaise. Japanese people love to put mayonnaise on everything. It is also topped with corns.

5) Pizza Hut Mayo Gourmet
Speaking of mayonnaise, this one has name mayo in its name even. Pizza Hut Mayo Gourmet pizza comes with sliced sausage, bacon, green asparagus, onions, mushrooms, fresh sliced tomatoes, italian tomatoes, and lots of garlics. Take in lots of veggies to make up for eating mayonnaise-covrered meal!

6) Spring Party 4
Can't decide which one to choose from?
Spring Party 4 is a pizza that has 4 separate sections of different toppings: Avocado Shrimp, Thick Cut Teriyaki Chicken, Pizza Hut Mayo Gourmet, and Pizza Hut's staple Idaho Special (which is topped with diced Idaho potatoes) 

For anyone who bought above item, you get complimentary Hut PON, rolled pizza doughs filled with either cheese or chocolate. 

Also, as part of Pizza Hut's spring campaigns, they'll be giving away either Rilakkuma pizza cutter, or a Rilakkuma pizza tray, when you order Rilakkuma Original 4 Pizza (pizza with 4 different flavors - Tuna Mild, Idaho Special, Bacon & Asparagus, and Meat Trio.) Pizzas come in Rilakkuma boxes too!

Hmmm... some of them I'm not sure if they'd be actually tasty or not... but if you are one of the adventurous sorts, you know where to go for interesting pizza selections!


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