Friday, March 15, 2013

Bento Friday: Suica Bento from JR

Happy Friday!
Japanese Railway will sell limited edition food items featuring their mascot Suica Penguin this month. There will be Suica penguin bread and Suica penguin bentos! So cute! (It's not bento Friday yet but it is too cute not to post this)

Suica penguin bread is made with cocoa powder and chocolate and custard cream filling. They are 400 yen for two and come in a super cute take-out box too. Bentos are 1,050 yen each and have a variety of food. There will also be ICOCA character bentos in addition to Suica bentos during the campaign period (March 18th to March 27th.)

For all Suica items on Yahoo Japan auction, check out the list.

Source: Entabe


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