Wednesday, March 13, 2013

STRICT-G & PORTER Releases New Bags Inspired by Gundam's Zaku II

Yoshida & Co, the creator of Porter brand, and Strict-G, Gundam-inspired apparel shop ran by Bandai, announced their collaboration in producing a line of high-end bags in "Zaku II ver." coloring and designs. 

After their huge success in previous release of "Char Zaku ver" Porter bags in December 2013, the two companies decided to design another series based on popular mobile suits from original Gundam, MS-06F Zaku II.  

Porter bags are extremely popular in Japan for their quality material, solid structure, stylish designs, and while many Japanese apparel brands operate their factories abroad, Porter products are 100% made in Japan. Their products are meticulously put together and last for a long time. 

For collaboration with Strict-G, Porter's four most popular designs, "3-way briefcase," "waist bag," "rectangular wallet," and "multi purse" (for storing iPhone, digital cameras, gadgets) will be available in Zaku II color.

Multi Purse

3-way Brief Case, Waist Bag, Multi Purse, and Wallet 

Characteristic Emblem of Zeon

Char-Zaku models from previous release

These bags are also inspired by  US Air Force's MA-1 jackets. Sawn with Principality of Zeon emblem, they have military feel to overall appearances. Strict-G & Porter's Zaku II bags will be available on market from April 20th.

Source: AnimeAnime 


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