Friday, December 03, 2010

Twitter Rice Balls From Family Mart JP

Family Mart, a convenience store line in Japan ran a Twitter campaign to get user suggestions for new rice ball flavors.  Our staff taste tested three of the new Twitter user inspired flavors.

While this is another great example of using Twitter to drive social campaigns and products, the results go to show, that Twitter users may have great ideas (and influence) but their tastes buds leave a little to be desired.  
Perhaps, we should leave flavor combinations to the experts! 
The flavors are Western influenced mixed with Japanese flavors, which in our staff members' opinions, is a trend that does not work.
Fish Eggs & Cheese Rice Ball

No one like the mixture of mentaiko (fish eggs) and cheese.  Cheese just did not belong.

Seaweed, beef and egg

The beef had an unnatural wet look to it.  Reminded our staff of a piece of gum with a surprise liquid middle, except this surprise was reminiscent of wet dog food.

Bacon & Cheese

This was the best tasting of the 3 (it does have bacon, and who doesn't love bacon?)  However, leave the cheese and bacon in your Mcmuffin, seaweed and rice are much better in onigiri than this mixture of flavors.

More flavors are to be released, hopefully our staff will be willing to try them and share the information with you!


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