Thursday, December 02, 2010

Gift Guides From Japan- The Snack Lover!

The Snack Lover Gift Guide filled with yummy goodies!

1) Pretz Goyza Flavor- Delicious Pretz that really taste like Gyoza (little fried Chinese dumplings) Ten box set! ($9.73)

2) Animal Shaped Sweet Dumplings- 10 little animal dumplings with a variety of animals! Review from site- "These little animal dumplings are like meringue puffs. They are sweet, light, and fluffy and lots of fun to eat." ($25.93) 

3) Green Tea Cookies from Kyoto Yummy green tea cookies from famous cookie maker: Kyoto Ujiyama political hill park (Houkou-en)  ($12.96)

4) Giant Strawberry Pocky- Pocky that is even better, because it is Giant!  18 come in a pack! ($12.31) 

5) Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Kats- Yummyyyyy! Japan has a variety of flavor of kit kats, blueberry cheesecake is just one of them!  2 boxes of 12.  
Check out the entire line of flavors on Rinkya Stores


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