Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Kawaii Japan Gift Guide!

A Kawaii Gift Guide!  Japan has so many cute items to choose from, these are just a few of the most kawaii items available from Rinkya Stores!

1) Hannari Tofu Santa- Celebrate Christmas with this Kawaii Plushie ($12.96)
2) Walrus Fridgeezoo- These little guys stay in your fridge & say Hello, but then scold you if you leave the door open too long! ($24.44)
3) Totoro Sleeping Bag- A kawaii sleeping bag with Totoro! Does not get much better than that! ($155.56)
4) Unicorn Deco Watch- Deco watches are a popular kawaii accessory in Japan, each watch with a different theme of cuteness! ($25.67)
5) Swimmer JP Earbuds- So many to choose from! ($16.85)
6) Dancing Hello Kitty-  A kawaii list from Japan would not be complete without Hello Kitty! She james to music for you! ($73.89)


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