Monday, December 06, 2010

Japan Gift Guide- Gadgets!

A few of the odd, useful and awesome gadgets from Japan!!

1) Truck USB Card Reader-  A popular item to get from Japan- cute but useful! 3 USb ports, Memory stick slot, SD memory slot, microSD slot, and dedicated flash slot!! Wow! ($18.27)

2) Virtual Ant Farm - A virtual ant farm, worried about your child's ant farm breaking and creating  a farm in your house?  Watch these virtual ants make tunnels and more! ($28.40)

3) Portable Karoake Bar- We love karaoke in Japan, never get stuck without it, with this portable version! ($70) 

4) iRabbit- this bunny butt holds up your smart phone, Mp3 Player, etc ($10.37)

5) Dog Voice Translator-  Find out what your dog means when he barks!  Japanese is not needed, the computer will show you your dogs mood! ($172.41)

6) Bomb Alarm Clock- Ahh, one of the many annoying & fun alarm clocks from Japan.  Better undo the right plug to stop the bomb from blowing up (or rather to turn off the alarm) ($21.63)


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