Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Bentos- Anime Edition 2010!

It is that time of year again for our Christmas bento special!!

Last year, we premiered an anime special and it was so popular, we decided to do it again!  Enjoy!

Medama Oyaji, from GeGeGe no Kitaro puts a Santa hat on.  No offense, but this is finally an anime bento I will not find too cute to eat, the eyeball creeps me out, even if he is a beloved character!!

Aww, one of my favorites- Totoro and a small white Totoro!!  Falls under my too cute to eat category!

 An Evangelion Christmas!  What a cute Miss Santa Misato Katsuragi makes! Amazing detail on the Santa suit!

Chopper from One Piece is already a reindeer- so putting him in a Christmas bento is perfect!

A fun little bento scene featuring Pokemon characters and Pikachu!

Adorable Jiji is paired up with a snowman rather than her favorite witch, Kiki!

Kawaii!!! Santa Stitch!


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