Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Anime Wars: Miyazaki is God

Check out Rinkya's President, Heather Russell news article on Miyazaki, via Majirox News  

Do you agree?

A sketch Miyazaki drew of Totoro for the author


Anonymous said...

What Miyazaki/Ghibli does has not much of an effect on other anime. In a way, the CGI vs hand-drawn debate has long been over and the result is pretty much what anyone expected -- different studios and creators went their own way, whether they go all the way with CGI or blend the two or use only hand drawing.
For a traditional and "strong" studio like Ghibli with its army of animators, hand-drawn animation is a possibility and indeed a strong point, but CGI has also allowed a whole new crop of innovative and independent anime creators to emerge, like Makoto Shinkai, Yasuhiro Yoshiura and Jun Awazu. It has also been the driver behind some stunning anime films like GiTS:Innocence and Vexille. Without CGI, many of these stories would not have been told.
The only real problem I have with the article is the referral to "Disney/American anime artists". As a purist of sorts, I still prefer to refer to non-Japanese animation as "animation", reserving the term "anime" for Japanese productions, although with globalisation the line sometimes blurs.

Anonymous said...

Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was a tremendous influence on Japanese artists. Frankly, if it had not been for the techniques developed by Disney artists and consequently adapted by Japanese anime artists such as Tezuka, anime in Japan would not be what it has become today. As someone with a fine arts background, I feel that what Miyazaki and Ghibli Studios have done and continue to do by going "against the grain" is rather heroic in this age of the cheap shot/fast buck morality.

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