Monday, September 13, 2010

A Review of an Anime Parody! When Heidi turns Golden Egg'ed

"The World of Golden Eggs" is a popular show of iconic cartoons produced in Japan by Studio Crocodile. The design is kind of cubic and simple and characters are usually foreigners speaking with a funny Japanese accent.

The initial idea of The Golden Eggs featured original characters, but recently the producers revisited the classic 1974 Anime masterpiece "Heidi, the Girl of the Alps" (which saw at that time artists Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata heading the production) and made several episodes titled "Teinenpi Girl Heidi" (低燃費少女ハイジ), the concept has even been used by NISSAN cars for their latest CM campaign on japanese TV.

The characters' nature of the original series is now funnily pushed to the extremes ...Heidi is now neurotic more that a curious little girl, Grandfather Onji is depressed more that a thoughtful wise old man, and Clara is hysteric more than a sad sweet girl...

The situations are just hilarious and absurd. Heidi is constantly looking for the meaning of "Teinenpi" by asking everybody "Teinenpi-tte nani?" ("What's Teinenpi?" - it actually means "Eco-driving" in japanese, so you understand how deep the sponsoring of Nissan Car is involved).

Of course in Europe's 18th century, nobody has a clue of what "Eco-driving" means...and Heidi gets really nasty keeping annoying everybody with her questions!

If you had the chance to watch the original series, you will be even more amused by this parody, which episodes can be seen on Youtube pasting the above original japanese title (however, here is a link to the episodes), and on the official japanese site.

The amazing original merchandise is now invading Japan!
Available in stores or game centers' UFO catchers are bags, T-shirts, note books, keyholders, too be Golden Egg'ed with Teinenpi-Heidi!!


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