Friday, September 17, 2010

Only in Japan! Eat a Pineapple- no knife needed!

Only grown in Okinawa, the lazy man's pineapple. In Japan it is called "Snack Pine" - "スナックパイン"

You don't need a knife, you just pick off the little sections with your fingers. These are delicious!!

A little sweeter than a normal pineapple, but way more expensive.

Now that summer is over, you can still get them here in Japan, however, the price is about 1700 yen for a tiny one. During the summer, you might be able to find them in Tokyo for 600 yen if you are lucky. In Okinawa they are about 500 yen.

They should start growing these in Hawaii! Fun, delicious & convenient to eat! Great for parties and always a conversation piece.


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