Friday, September 10, 2010

Japanese Manly Men?!?

One of Rinkya's staff members in Japan takes on the politics of Pocky Men's!! Enjoy!

Do you think I should eat this snack, if I am a manly man?

Do women make claims in other countries, if the company does not make a Lady's Pocky?

Lady's Pocky is not available in Japan. So, you should complain! Call Japan, claim to the maker and insist on a Lady's version.

Men's pocky is a little more bitter tasting than regular Pocky. (Pocky is a pretzel stick covered by chocolate.)

How Lady's Pocky suppose to be? If I had to guess, probably way more bitter.


Goth Lady said...

What's interesting to ME is that my husband prefers milk chocolate, now to be referred to as "lady chocolate" and I, the wife, prefer the bitter dark variety.

Anonymous said...

So, what does Lady Pocky look and taste like?

Phil said...

I love "Mens" Pocky. Although they are hardly manly. They are more petite and thinner than the regular pocky. But coated in dark chocolate makes then taste nicer IMO..

They have a strawberry Pocky.. Would that count as the Lady Pocky?

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