Monday, December 31, 2007

The Best of Rinkya Blog!

Happy New Year!!!

Thank you to all our readers for making our blog a great success, we look forward to posting next year!

The top blog posts according to our readers!

You went crazy for our Man panties!

Looks like many of our readers are environment conscious- Go Green Can Crusher

The monster pizza Japan created (hot dogs, hamburger and much more) was reviewed by our staff and you readers loved it or rather could not look away!

Square watermelons caught your attention

Bikini Clad Golf Tees

Our cultural post on the Obon Festival
shows our readers not only look at us for silly Japan toys!

Deer Poop Candy Need I say more?

Japan's beer and milk- Bilk! Sales are unknown about Bilk (who knows if anyone bought it!), but you certainly loved reading about it!

A collection of Poop toys from Japan!

This sexy dart game made it hard to look away!

Fireworks Image Via


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