Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Japan Makes Poop Fun!!

Japan has an endearing love for poop. Recently, a Japanese scientist developed vanilla flavoring and scent from cow dung.

This love for poop also extends to the holidays and Halloween is no exception with some of the costumes below.

How else do you get a point across but to hammer someone's head with fake poo?

The translation for this item states, when normal finger pointing is not enough...

Perhaps, the most realistic of the bunch, with flies attached is the poop hat!

This poop hat makes up for lack of realism with its' enormous size

And finally I suggest this costume as the poo's counterpart to clean up after all the mess:

Unfortunately, all these items (with the exception of the Toilet paper costume) are Sold out at Rakuten ( I was not exaggerating Japan's love of unko!)
But if you want any, email us and we will look for them!
Our Rinkya Stores department will look up any item for you!

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