Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Deer Unchi (Poop) Candy!


I have previously discussed the fascination with unchi Japan appears to have in an earlier post here

During my trip to Japan, I noted these candies (choco drops) for sale at the Nara Park.

Nara park has hundreds of deer roaming around that can be petted and fed (no diseases to worry about in Japan)

Beware when feeding, I was bit multiple times and gave up, throwing the food away from me to get the deer off me!

Also beware of deer poop which can be found all over the park!
And as a way to always remember your experience at Nara park, feel free to buy the deer poop candies sold all over.

I did not purchase but took multiple pictures :)

Unchi is believed to bring unko (luck) to you!
Add some Unko to your life and get some Unchi sent direct to you Here.


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