Friday, July 27, 2007

Rinkya Reviews the Double Roll Pizza from Pizza Hut Japan!

The double roll pizza was first discussed in the blog post here

After our shipping staff in Japan saw the pics, they insisted on a taste test (all for the blog, of course...) Five tasters provided the following info and pics!

This is the pizza was it was received by delivery:

Close up of the cheesy rolls:

Close up of "pigs in a blanket" rolls:

The accompanying condiments (honey maple syrup and ketchup )

Ingredients of the ketchup: Tomato, Carrots, Red Bellpeppers, Onions, Apples, Pineapples, and Grapes

Remarks for the condiments:

Maple Syrup
"Disgusting s#!+"
"Maple Syrup is strange (to be adding to pizza)"
"good to have a sweet bite just a change"

"Well, its not like you can't consume it" (A new slogan for Pizza Hut perhaps?)
"Makes your pizza sweet, like the syrup."

The "Gourmet Half"

Ingredients are bell peppers, Ham, Bacon, Onion, Basil, Mushroom, Bacon bits, black pepper, sliced tomatoes, Italian sausages, and garlic chips.

One Reviewer's Remarks:
"Definitely the better of the half. Black pepper and garlic chips added to the spice which made the tangy tomatoes taste pretty good."

The "Hamburg" Half:

Ingredients are Hamburgs (made from pork/beef), Green soybeans, corn, red bell peppers.

The consensus from all our reviewers is the meat was horrible: "Its like they combined things that taste and feel like meat" (but nothing was actual meat).

This side of the pizza was no one's favorite- the corn and cheese taste was overwhelming and the meat was inedible.

The ending comments and overall impression of pizza:
"My stomach is full"
"It was peculiar"

All would get rid of the rolls, they liked the rolls but not on a pizza.
All preferred the "Gourmet" Side over the new "Hamburg" Side. The only new topping that was liked was black pepper. All prefer the traditional pizza toppings.

If you have tried the new Pizza, leave us your comments and reviews below!

Calorie Info from Pizza Hut:
A medium pizza is 1943 calories and a large is 2809 calories.


BunnyKissd said...

OMG! Thank you for this! I saw the ad a while ago and couldn't figure out everything that was on it. Your review allowed me to experience it without actually having to have all the calories! ^-^

Laurel said...

Thank you!! I am glad you enjoyed!!

aailyah said...

A few years too late but I have to say I actually loved this pizza! Most people don't have the right mind to try things they're not used to, I see nothing wrong with soybeans and corn with cheese and the meat is more like a meatloaf rather than that of say, a burger. the sausages with bacon and cheese, amazing~

Maybe it's because i find normal pizza boring? Perhaps, ^_^

Next to try, the shrimp and mayo pizza~ oh yeah!

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