Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bilk Goes on Sale Tomorrow!

What is Bilk?

Bilk is the combination of milk and beer and Abashiri Japan brewery begins sales of it Feburary 1st.

Bilk is described as having a fruity flavor and a distinctive after taste. No notes on whether that aftertase is good or not.

The odd mixture hopes to attract a female market who may like a fruity beer.

The creation does beg some questions- How long does a Bilk beer last? Doesn't milk go bad? Where does that fruity flavor come from?

Hopefully a Rinkya staff member will get their hands on one soon and let us know!

For more info on Japan and their love of beer:
Battle of the Beer Post

Via Mainichi News


Anonymous said...

this brewery also has "blue", "green" and "red" beer. The blue beer is made from water from icebergs

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