Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Enter Rinkya's Japan Weird Food Contest!!

We have not had a blog contest since the Weirdest Hello Kitty Item way back in December 2006!
So, we decided that it is about time to have another one!

If you have read our blog before (which you should, it is really good!), you realize that Japan has a wackiness when it comes to food items.

From Pepsi Cucumber Ice, to maple syrup on Pizza, to Pineapple Kit Kats.
Some of these items are delicious, some do not quite make the cut.

Please submit your weirdest food/drink item from Japan and the winner will receive a package of the various Kit Kat flavors from Japan!
We are looking for the most unique find!
Please include a picture and/or link of the item. We will take entries until September 20th!

Please submit to laurelNOSPAM@rinkya.com

If you do not win, you can order any Kit Kat flavor from Rinkya for $2.00 here!

Please do not submit any food or drink items discussed on the blog, but please read about them here:

Kit Kat Flavors From Japan
Double Roll Pizza from Pizza Hut Japan
McDonald's Mega Mac
Square Watermelon
McDonald's Mega Teriyaki
Pepsi Ice Cucumber
Bilk- Beer & Milk!
Deer Poop Candy

For countries that cannot receive the items, an alternate prize will be given.

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Laura H. said...

Can we submit entries found online, or do we need to have the items "in hand?"

Unknown said...

Hi Laura!
Anything found online is acceptable!

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