Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Mega Sandwich Hits Japan!

The Mega Mac discussed here, the four beef patty, cheese, dressing, 754 calorie, 45.9 grams of fat burger was such a big hit in Japan that they have now introduced the MEGA TERIYAKI!

Not to be outdone by its' predecessor, the Mega Teriyaki boasts 903 calories and 64.3 grams of fat. The burger is two pork patties, teriyaki sauce and a sweet lemon mayonnaise.

McDonald's also has a progress page, comparing the sales of the two Mega Burgers

If you are a collector of McDonald's toys, YJ has a ton HERE

Via Calorie Lab


icie said...

Wow, it looks like McD's Japan, contrary to its position in other countries, is actually BOASTING about the fat content of this burger?

Ken said...

It's hard to believe that the MegaMac actually had fewer calories than this. Wow...

I wonder of they've thought of introducing a 'yen per calorie' pricing system.

Anonymous said...

I tried this while in Japan this past July.. It is by far the worse mystery food substance I have ever put in my mouth.. DX

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