Monday, November 08, 2010

Japan Snack Weekly- November 8th, 2010

Melon Pan Rusk by Boulanger Bakery

Not bad, no taste of melon though, thank God. Japanese seem to love melon flavored everything and the non-Japanese here just can't wrap our heads (taste-buds) around it.

Calbee Potato Chips, Consomme Flavor with the W PUNCH!

What is a "W" punch you say? It's a DOUBLE, (DUBURU) = W in Japanese Engrish. That's double times the flavor of consomme. Consomme is actually a very popular flavor here in Japan. It's consomme soup.
Calbee always makes good, light potato chips that aren't too oily. These are always a safe bet I guess if our manager is feeling altruistic that day!


Kuujiryo said...

I really should get around to trying some Calbee snacks, they all look so good :)
Not to mention their CMs are awesome too XD

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