Monday, November 01, 2010

Japan Snack Weekly- November 1st, 2010

Konomi-Chan's Okonomiyaki!

This is a typical snack for a child in Japan. It's interactive and made to copy what adults do, without the dangers of actually lighting yourself on fire. This snack allows you to "make" your own "delicious" okonomiyaki!! (fried, Japanese, pancake-like snack food)
After mixing the powder with water, on your little, plastic "okonomiyaki grill" it hardens up into a little pancake. You then take the included sauce and seaweed to decorate the top with the "okomoiyaki spatula".
If you meet a kid that likes the taste of this, please let us know. I think the "making" part is fun for kids, even the staff had a nice time making these, but the fun ends there because putting it in your mouth just ruins the experience. (and your day).

Pretz - Gyoza Flavor

For all you yanks, gyoza are little, fried Chinese dumplings. We call them potstickers in the US, maybe even wontons.
Pretz is sort of like Pocky, but salty flavors. It's a long cracker stick.
These were good and amazingly tasted like gyoza. How do they get this flavor so perfectly, we have no idea, but we doubt it's with any real gyoza involved.


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