Thursday, November 04, 2010

Introducing Japanese Band Volume 4- The Back Horn

The Back Horn

Members: Matsuda Shinji (Drums), Yamada Shouji(Vocal), Suganami Eijun (Guitar), and Okamine Koushuu(Bass). (Left to right)

The band formed in 1998, but did not do their major debut until 20002.

The sound is aggressive and destructive.
The lyrics are mostly in Japanese with some mix of English, and the songs have strong messages about war, peace, loneliness, death, love, life, relationship, etc.

Some of their music has become movie and anime theme songs.

There are a lot of songs I like, a sampling is after the jump!

Song is a medium tempo, but the lyric is severe, and can make one's heart break!


This was used for a movie called "Casshern", and it makes your motor run!

Newest! The main theme of "Gundam 00-A Weakening Of The Trailblazer"

I recommend the following album, if you are interested!
The best album of 2008, "Best The Back Horn"

25 tracks in 2 discs!
"Manly" is suitable word for this band!
And cool, anyway!

Please check it out!!


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