Thursday, November 11, 2010

Introducing Japanese Band Volume 5- "Special Others"

Serizawa "Remi" Yuma(1979/8) keyboard,
Matayoshi "Segun" Yuya(1979/4) Bass,
Yanagishita "Dayo" Takeshi(1980/1) Guitar,
Miyahara "Toyin" Ryota (1979/9) Drums

Created in 1999 and did their major debut in 2006.
A rock band of jamming play style from Yokohama, the tunes are mostly instrumental.
Some tunes have a few lyrics, but they are just replies of the chorus, and they use the chorus as instruments.
The groove is happy & fun! Whenever they play, it creates a very happy vibe- they are an awesome band to see live. 

Here are tunes of that Special Others that I want to introduce.
"AIMS" from their 1st album "Good Morning".

I love this tune, and it makes me move my body!

"Laurentech" from 2nd album"Quest"

A live shoot, mood is warm.

"Potato" from 3ed album "PB"

This tune is inspired by a hamburger restaurant chain.
The chorus in the tune is the sound of a fryer when potato is fried.
Makes me want french fries, yumm!


Jimmy said...

This band is great. I really like your taste in music. I hope you continue these Japanese Band entries!

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