Thursday, September 03, 2009

Veggie Kit Kat Taste Review!!

Kit Kats come in a variety of flavors in Japan- strawberry, lemon, sakura, blueberry cheesecake, watermelon, etc- you name it and they probably have created it at some point.

But the new Veggie Kit Kat sounded a bit out of this world- even for Japan, which means our staff taste tests it for the blog!!

The actual name of the Kit Kat is Itoen Juu-jitsu Yasai (vegtable enriched)
A juice in Japan has the same name and the main flavors are apples and carrots.
An apple is a fruit, not a veggie, but oh well

Our Brave Tasters (only 3 this time, we lost a couple after the Shiso Pepsi incident)

Taster X, torn between his love of chocolate and dislike of veggies...or perhaps not looking forward to eating an Orange colored kit kat?

So what were the final results?

Tasty!! Everyone said it was good, a little on the sweet side, but they liked it. Maybe we will be able to get more taste testers for our future reviews, now that we have a positive one!

We can add Kit Kats to your Rinkya shipment- $2 each, just add it on our Rinkya ship request form!

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Aaron B. said...

Brave souls. Strange-colored kit kats would sort of creep me out...

Anonymous said...

A friend recently returned from Japan with a box of those Kitkats. It was better than I expected. They're less sweet than American candy. It tasted a little like orange and white chocolate. Kind of.

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