Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pepsi Blue Hawaii New Summer Japan Soda

I often wish I could be in Japan and lately my visits are getting further and further apart due to work and personal life.

But on these days, I am thankful I do not live in Japan and can make Rinkya staff members test items out for me instead. ^_-

In the case of the Mega Pizza from Pizza Hut and now Pepsi Blue Hawaii I am relieved I cannot be there to try it!

Pepsi Blue Hawaii is the newest summer offering from Pepsi Japan.
Last year's Pepsi Ice Cucumber, received fairly good reviews overall.
Blue Hawaii is a taste mixture of Pineapple and Lemon,
below are the comments from a couple members of the Rinkya staff.

Taster one:
The taste of the pineapple was weak, it tastes like blue Gatorade with tonic water. I recommend regular Pepsi instead. If I had to choose between this and Cucumber Ice, I choose Blue Hawaii. To be honest I think they both taste like %^&%.

Taster Two: A hint of lemon and pineapple, basically a really sweet Pepsi.

Taster Three:
Very refreshing the first taste, supported also by the color which gives a sense of freshness, not too sweet, and not too much gas inside.
But personally, I can't imagine drinking an entire bottle though....sorry! ^^

Want to try one? Add it to your next shipment here! Only $2 each!
Each bottle is 600grams added to your shipment (full bottles of soda are heavy!)

Thank you to our wonderful staff members for the review!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a drink for Elvis.

puptent44 said...

Does Blue Hawaii go with that Mega Pizza Hut Pizza with a large dose of Tums?

Unknown said...
this is our taste test

Anonymous said...

mmmm cucumber ice pepsi. I usually go for the coolaide.

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