Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shiso Pepsi Reviews Are In!!

The summer limited edition Pepsi Shiso release came out on June 23rd and the trusty Rinkya staff obliged to a taste test and review!! Shiso is a common herb used in Japan- on salads, sashimi (my personal favorite use!) and even on pizza!

In the beginning, there was some excitement:

Then some perplexity & curiosity as the sense of taste travels to the brain:

And our apologies to Pepsi Japan, but the final analysis led to our staff rebelling:

Comments regarding taste:
"If you are in a desert maybe it would be good and you had nothing to drink"
"Medicine taste, but makes you feel worse"
"Tastes like a leaf, oishikunai (doesn't taste good")

Shiso IS a leaf, so it seems like Pepsi succeeded there!

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billywest said...

Yeah, I saw this stuff at a convenience store in Yokohama the other day and thought, God, shiso is bad enough on its own...why screw up Pepsi again?

Laurel said...

LOL, I actually love shiso with sashimi. In the US, if I am lucky I get one with my order, and the sushi restaurant gets excited/bewildered that I ask for more shiso leaves- they do not expect a "gringo" to like it I guess!

I am not a soda fan, so although I am curious to try, guess I am glad I am not in Japan (the Rinkya ship staff hates me, hahaha)

thomas ( said...

I liked the shiso pepsi! The green tea coke sucks though.

Shannon said...

I tried a sip from the cap and was terrified!

So...I immediately tricked every nearby co-worker I could find into trying some. ;)

Laurel said...

LOL, Shannon, nice!

Shannon said...

Oddly enough more people were grossed out by the Jasmine Tea Kit Kats than the Shiso Pepsi.

But they were both pretty close.

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