Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Listen, Read & Watch At Japan Podshow!!

Check out the awesome site Japan Podshow!

From their site:

Japan Podshow is a brand new podcast bringing you weird and wonderful stories from the land of the rising tide of foreigners. We're looking to expose the real life of foreigners in Japan, showcasing all the success stories, and the not-so-successful-but-amusing stories, in addition to bringing you the latest news from the streets of Tokyo and beyond.

The newest show focuses on exploring cool USB devices from Japan- including a spy like USB that looks like a watch but is a camera!

We all know from reading A Rinkya Blog there are an abundance of weird, awesome, crafty USBs from Japan! So check out the awesome podcast to see these USBs up close!

Look for an exclusive interview with Rinkya President Heather Russell next week!

Check out Jospeh Tame's personal page here as well!

Thank you for the awesome interview Joseph!


RRabano said...

Like to have a T-Shirt. Very good design.

Joseph said...

Thanks for the compliment! It's one of a series I drew late one night with my colour pencils. I've had them made into stickers which we give away to our listeners who enter competitions - when we have funding T-shirts would be a good idea!

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