Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meet Our Italian Blog Writer- Michele!

Rinkya's mirror Italian site also has a blog-
"Ohayou Giappone!" - Il Blog Italiano di Rinkya (Hi Japan! A Rinkya Italian Blog)

I was recently interviewed for the Italian blog and it can be seen here (in Italian!)

I decided to put Michele up to the same task and interview him for all you to meet. Thank you Michele!

We have a lot of Italian readers and users of Rinkya, what do you think makes Japan so appealing to Italians specifically?

I notice how it seems quite natural for Italians and Japanese to like each other cultures. Japanese love the "Italian life style"; luxury fashionable goods, fast cars, and nice food.... Italians are fascinated about Japanese traditions, history and arts, and in more recent years about industrial products as well, like electronics. My generation was strongly influenced by Japanese Animation and Manga.
Japanese wish to live like Italians, and Italians enjoy experimenting new things from Japan and become a bit like Japanese....
But the funny thing is, everybody only wish to experiment the best sides of each other countries, ignoring the negative side completely, which of course exist! ...This makes "the dream" staying alive; Probably I did the same when I decided to come to Japan... ^_^
But I think the theorist crossing between Italy and Japan would result in an interesting country I guess!

What do you like best about Japan?

Difficult question,... I enjoy living in a (quite) secure, organized country, and I like the taste of beauty that Japanese have in general. Japanese are usually quiet and discrete persons, which makes my living with them very smooth. It's another world compared to where I am coming from, but I can find many common points. For me living in Japan is a big exciting challenge.... but at the same time I feel kind of "a compatible person" with the "Japanese world"...

What is your favorite food there?

I love fish in I am in the right place!! Any kind of fish, but shrimps are my favorite.
But I am convinced there so much more to discover about Japanese food, I wish to explore more....after 3 years in Japan I still feel like a beginner!

What is the worst food you have had there? (the pizza hut double roll, hahhha?)

Ohh yeah...the pizza was memorable! ^^
.... well, I still can't get used to the "Umeboshi" the sour Japanese plum. I gave up, actually.^^

What is your favorite A Rinkya Blog post?

Well, no doubt about it! ^_^ ha ha ha!...

What is your favorite blog post on Il Blog Italiano di Rinkya?

Well, the blog is still young and the choice is not large yet...But I was very pleased with the one presenting A Rinkya Blog, and also the one interviewing one of our italian customer, Jurij Ricotti, Grendizer collector and also worldwide appreciated musician and composer. This is the style the Italian Blog is mainly chasing, involving people who are into Japanese goods and talking about their experiences. Much more is coming in the future, so stay tuned...^_-

Thank you Michele! Please check out Michele's blog here for the latest news from Japan and Rinkya curtailed to our Italian users!


Anonymous said...

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!

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