Friday, September 12, 2008

Reminder- Enter to Win FREE Gadgets!

The deadline for your Guess the gadget submissions is Monday!

Submit as many as three gadgets to the contest and win your very own Japanese gadget and Rinkya commission!

As readers know, we have a Guess the Japanese Gadget every Friday and leave it open for all you to guess all weekend!

Now it is your turn to stump our readers!

Submit your Guess the Gadgets!!

If you stump our readers, you will win one of the gadgets featured on blog (dependent upon the gadget's availability) and if you are a Rinkya user (or wish to become one)- you win the gadget AND a $20 commission credit on any auction!

What you need to do:
Send your submissions to laurelr AT rinkya DOT com
Only items from Japan stores or Japanese designers can be used
We will choose the best gadgets and feature them on a future Friday Guess the Gadget
Submissions due in THREE DAYS!!

Here are just SOME of the gadgets up for the winners!
Cat Security Sensor
Pig EarPhones From Japan!
The Pen that Turns Into A Fishing Pole
Humping Dog USB


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