Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Morning Target Practice- Gun O'clock

When this alarm goes off, pick up your gun and shoot the target down to stop the annoying alarm sound.

This would be a great annoying gag gift, the target does not go down or stop the annoying high pitched alarm until the alarm believes you have hit the bullseye enough.

If the gun does not work, I can see alot of cranky sleepers using their fists to quiet it, it would last a day at my house.

Available for Preorder via Product Page. Order via Rinkya Stores!

4095 yen (~$40 USD) (includes tax)

For another fun alarm clock from Japan, check out the Grenade Alarm Clock!

Via Xorsyst


Angel Mass said...

WOW! talking about crazy! I hope someone doesnt takes the idea a little further than it lol

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