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Collector's Corner Grendizer Part Two!

Yesterday was the first part of our Collector Corner's interview with Italian musician and Grendizer collector, Jurij.
Today is the conclusion, enjoy and thank you for reading!

As an acclaimed musician, guitarist, and producer in Italy how do you integrate your art with your toy collecting?

My music is central to me, collecting is a hobby. I love the search, the hunt for rare Grendizer items, like being a hunter in a jungle, but it is not important, like composing my music is to me. I have made contacts and new friends through both, however. Music contacts in other countries have helped with my collecting. My life, nonetheless, revolves around my music. I have found other musicians who collect toys . Kirk Hammet from Metallica collects Japanese robots.

Is there a Japanese influence in your music?

Yes of course, the Asian music system is based on Pentatonic Scales, a music scale with only 5 notes, these scales are the root for the Blues. I love this kind of intervals and I use it on my improvising and composition too. Other famous Italian composers used these influences on their operas like Puccini, I love his music.

What is your current music project and/or tour dates, and how can Rinkya members find your works?

I'm touring with Rondò Veneziano band right now (editor’s note: A huge success in Italy in the 1980’s, they dressed like an ancient orchestra circa 1700 during concerts. The music is classic, but with elements of pop music. Jurij plays guitar), and Glenn Branca Electric Orchestra.

I've written and composed a lot of music in several different styles, from Rock, Metal, Pop, Dance, to Jazz, and I have worked with some important record labels, such as Sony, Warner, Universal and others. I have also worked with famous artists notably Britney Spears, Queen, Beyonce, and Pink, along with some well-known Italian artists.

Right now I'm very focused on my first Classical Opera Composition called Trazom (Mozart), You can listen to some of it on the website.

Trazom is a natural evolution of my experience. I have two great authors and friends collaborating with me, to help me make my dream of a classical opera come true. Massimiliano Alto, a very famous Italian movie dubber (Lord of the Rings, Aladdin and many others), and Francesco Sardelli ,a very talented musical genius. This is the best team I have ever encountered in my life and I'm very happy to work with them.

Trazom Opera originated with Max and Francesco many years ago, they called me initially to arrange the orchestral parts and a second time to get involved on the composition and main arrangements.

It's a large and difficult work and a great challenge for me. After all orchestral parts are complete the next step should be the real production. Because Trazom is an opera it's a very expensive project to put on either in a theater setting or as a movie, as it will require a big orchestra with a Director, ballet directions, lights, audio equipment. We will probably look for sponsorship in England or France. If some Rinkya readers are interested in helping us with this project or to help with sponsorship don't hesitate to contact me directly at the Trazom website or my music website

Rinkya thanks you for your time and sharing your insights about Grendizer and music. We wish you the best of luck with your Opera!

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