Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rinkya Collector's Corner- Ryan's Anime Cels!

How long have you been collecting?

I have been collecting Original Comic Artwork since 1978 and Anime Cels
since 2001

How did you get started collecting cels?

In 2001 at the San Diego Comic-con that year I was recovering from knee
surgery so my wife and I took a lot of breaks from walking around. One of
the breaks found us in one of the Anime rooms there. One of the shows we saw
that day was Oh My Goddess Ova episodes #4 &5 . The story and character
designs impressed us so later in the dealer room we found a seller and
bought the dvds. Next to that booth was Anime Link and we saw some of the
cels Rick had for sale. We purchased several and have been adding to our
collection ever since.

What is the “dream” item for you?

I can't truly say I have a true "dream" item for my collection is diverse
and I have many favorites. This one with the image that seems to capture Belldandy perfectly is the one I chose to use as a feature image that appears in rotation on the front page of the Rubberslug
home page.

What is your favorite part of collecting cels?

We enjoy owning images of our favorite series that one can look at and
instantly your mind can replay the scene. Also through collecting and having
a gallery on Rubberslug we have made quite a few great friends.

What is your favorite item you found thru Rinkya and why?

I would say it's way too hard to pick one cel. With non cel items , I was
able through Rinkya to get a couple of Ai Yori Aoshi lithographs that made
great presents for my wife. &

Where can we see your treasures?
At the website RubberSlug which just passed it's 6 year
My personal gallery can be found there at

Thank you for sharing your collection with us!!!

Image is Property of Owner, do not copy without permission.

For Your Own Cels, Check out YJ:
Anime Cels
Ah! My Goddess

Rinkya's Cel Sale is still on, save money when you purchase a cel, genga, douga, background!

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