Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Visit Rinkya At Anime Expo This Weekend!

Rinkya Inc., in partnership with Anime Link is proud to feature the work of master character designer Hiromi Kato at Anime Expo 2008, July 3-6 in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“The Anime Link/Rinkya booth, booth #’s 222 and 224, will be selling Hiromi Kato’s very rare one of a kind Clamp In Wonderland 2 hanken sketches that were used as pull outs in popular anime Magazines such as NewType and Animage!!!! Come see these over-sized, rare pieces drawn by Kato-san himself and immortalized in the magazine! He may be also displaying some of his shikishi/sketch artwork. You might be lucky enough to catch him at the booth and be able to say konnichi wa!” says Heather Russell, Rinkya CEO.

A student of renowned animator Yasuji Mori, Hiromi Kato began his anime career at age 16 with Nippon Animation Co., LTD.

His first major work was as a key animator for “Peter Pan no Bouken” (The Adventures of Peter Pan.) He followed that up as an animation director producing “Trapp Ikka Monogatari” (The Trapp Family Story.) He found his niche as a superstar character designer with “Daisogen No Chiisana Tenshi Bush Baby” (The Bush Baby,) and followed that up with innovative character designs for “Ai to Yuuki no Big Girl Tonde Buurin” (The Super Pig of Love and Courage,) “Hamelin no Violin Hiki” (The Violinist of Hamelin) and other titles at Nippon Animation Co., Ltd. where he was involved in the planning of “Tenshi ni Narumon!” (I’m Going to be an Angel!) and “Shoujo Kakumei Utena” (Revolutionary Girl Utena.)

Currently a member of Madhouse Studios he is doing double duty as an animation director for “Beck” and “Paradise Kiss” while designing characters for “Clamp in Wonderland 2.”

Rick Alonso of Anime Link: http://www.anime-link.com, has just returned from Japan with a huge selection of the latest and best from Japan. New exciting cels, posters and toys, seen for the first time on this shore of the Pacific will be featured along with the work of Kato- san in the Anime Link/Rinkya booth.

“You can’t go to Japan without finding new and exciting things,” says Rick. “Sometimes it’s hard to let them go. But then you console yourself with the fact that next year you can do it all again. Every year Anime Expo is bigger and better, and every year Anime Link strives to be better and more exciting. Our partnership with Rinkya typifies this commitment.”


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