Wednesday, July 02, 2008

OLIVIA Guitar Charity Auction Winner Interview!

Rinkya would like to congratulate you, Makino, on your winning bid for the autographed Olivia Guitar on the PMX YJ Charity Auction. Read about the auction here

Q: What prompted you to bid on Olivia’s Guitar?

A: I found & noticed a posting on an internet Olivia fan community.

Q: Are you a guitar collector, musician, or an Olivia fan?
A: I’m a pure OLIVIA fan. I am a fan from the time when she debuted with D & D.

Q: Do you have a favorite Olivia Album or CD?
A: It is hard to choose one because everything is my favorite.

Q: What does it feel like owning her guitar?
A: I am so glad to to own the guitar that actually she touched!! And the fact that there is only one in the world makes it even more special.

Q:Are you going to learn to play it or put it on display in your home?
A: I have no interest to practice or play.
I will display it in my room because it is so precious to me.

Q: If you could meet Olivia what would you like to say to her?
A: I would like to keep sending my support and thank her for the times her songs helped me through the hard times, when I was depressed and down.

Thank you for your time Makino and we hope you enjoy your prize. Your generosity may turn out to be a gift for a future unknown young Asian-American Star.

I really appreciate that you gave me the best guitar that exists and is the only one in the world.


ki said...

wow congrats to him :]

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