Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Japan Dog/Cat EarthQuake Survival Gear

This earthquake survival gear looks like a space suit for your pet!

Comes with many items, some include:
Water, biscuits, aromatherapy oils (to calm you as you flee from an earthquake), four rubber shoes for their feet (awww!), sealed bags (they suggest that you place your hankie in and the smell of you will calm your animal), and the flame retardant carrying case which has many storage pockets.

This cat looks like he is preparing for rocket lift off:

This dog kinda looks too heavy to be carried around the neck:

38,000 yen (approximately $375) purchase via Rinkya Stores especially if you live in California!


Joel said...

at earthquake survival kit would consist of a rotisserie and a BBQ brush. If someone/something is going to survive, it's going to be me!

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